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Christmas in July GIVEAWAY by Solid Ground Cords

For our 2016 Christmas in July Event, Solid Ground Cords, LLC will be giving away a 50 foot Solid Ground Extension Cord to one Winner in the Knoxville, TN area. We are just 10 days away from announcing the Winner, so make sure to enter TODAY!

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A heavy duty, SJTOOW 50 ft. Solid Ground Extension Cord – 12/3, weighing only 7.2 lbs. This cord is a revolutionary extension cord that is new to the market. The extension cord is an $85 value and you can’t find it at Wal-mart or any of your local retail stores.

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3 Big Technological Advantages for Today’s Industry from Solid Ground Extension Cords has always been faithful to bring you the big developments in technology today. If you work with computers, electronics or any other electric powered devices, this item will provide you with an always safely grounded electric current. Not only it protects your equipment, but it also secures a safe work environment for the following reasons:

  1. The ReplaceableGround Pin makes it virtually the first and only extension cord designed with such technology out there. Besides being easily replaceable (virtually in seconds), the Solid Ground pin has six times longer longevity outlasting any extension cord available on the market today. Wikipedia calls it an “extension cord with a solid, replaceable ground pin that is virtually unbreakable.” Steve Dutt of Motion Industries calls it “a definite problem solver” while Southern Roofing Company recognized its innovative technology and safety features  as “game changers” in the industry.
  1. The Safety Ground Light Indicator provides the safety ground OSHA inspectors consider when examining the safety of a construction site. Many other cords on the market today would advertise having a “power light” indicator showing when electricity is present through the composite cable wires. But having power running through the wires does very little for safety when things start going south. What safety regulations need is an always present ground when working with electricity. And the safety ground light indicator of Solid Ground Cords provides not only indicator for electric power running through the cable, but also a safety ground present in the electric current. 
  1. Last but not least is the American built quality. All Solid Ground Cords are made in America by Americans from all American parts. They are manufactured by two preferred American companies in Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Most other brands of extension cords out there are made in China, and some are selectively labeled “Made in China and USA,” “Proudly ‘Made in USA,’ assembled in China,” “American design” paired with “manufactured in China” and so on. To make the confusion complete, there’s a town in Asia is named “Usa.” (note the lack of periods in the name when compared to the good ol’ U.S. of A.). Solid Ground Cords, LLC have been straight forwarded with their complete line of products being made in the United States of America. The original vision for their products was to be made in America by Americans and they’ve done it.

Solid Ground Cords safety technology was designed with contractor, military and hospital grade equipment in mind. So do yourself a favor and use it to protect your electronic devices and electric tools and to provide your employees with a safety environment for everyday’s work. It’s the safe and sound thing to do!

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The Art of Valuing Domains


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